Ventura County Ultralight Aircraft Society

Upcoming Events and Parties:
VCUAS's annual Fourth of July barbecue was held at Ken Holden's hangar on the ultralight field. All VCUAS members, family and friends of VCUAS and Skyrider were invited.

Winners of June 2001 VCUAS contest:
Cindy (for Mike Chicco), Buck Grote, Chris Largent, Bruce Everett, Steve Thomson, and Bill Peterson. Congratulations!
Winners From the June 2nd Contests
Bomb Drop Torpedo Run Spot Landing
1st ~ Bill Peterson 1st ~ Bill Peterson 1st ~ Bruce Everett
2nd ~ Bruce Everett 2nd ~ Bruce Everett 2nd ~ Buck Grote
3rd ~ Mike Chicco 3rd ~ Chris Largent 3rd ~ Steve Thomson

Club Meetings for the year 2001:
  November 3rd  
  December 1st  
  Notes from previous meeting