Ventura County Ultralight Aircraft Society Member Photos
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vcuas1.jpg vcuas2.jpg vcuas3.jpg vcuas4.jpg vcuas5.jpg
Micky's T-Bird Photo 2 Cliff's MXL-II Micky's T-Bird Buck's GT-400
vcuas6.jpg vcuas7.jpg vcuas8.jpg vcuas9.jpg vcuas10.jpg
Phil's tail dragger Ken's Jenny Mike Adams' MX Terry's Drifter Merlin's GT-400
vcuas11.jpg vcuas12.jpg vcuas14.jpg vcuas14.jpg vcuas15.jpg
Good to GO! Ernesto's Nieuport Kevin's Trike CMA UL Field Ernie's Kolb
Camarillo Airport vcuas17.jpg
CMA Airport Elliot's Challenger I Terry's SE5A Jon's Trike Laytons Hawk
Ken's one-of-a-kind Cliff gets airborne
David Englert's MX Jim's Quicksilver Herb's Flightstar Ken's one-of-a-kind Cliff hits the skies!

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